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Magnetic Mallet

Dental surgery and implantology just got–better.¬†

Designed to be used in dentistry surgery and implantology, the Magnetic Mallet gives our dentist a series of options for all advanced bone augmentation procedures such as sinus lift, split crest and ridge expansion, and avoids the use of milling and drills.

It comes  with a range of specific instruments that simplify the extraction of roots, implants and impacted teeth, enabling the alveolar integrity preservation.

With the Magnetic Mallet, we can operate with greater visibility and control, preserving the bone and ensuring the greatest possible comfort for the patient both in complex implant surgeries and simple extractions.

This is why Magnetic Mallet innovative, safety and ergonomic features make it such a versatile device, enabling the majority of surgical practices to be performed more easily, safely and quickly while still achieving satisfying and expected results.

Advantages for the patient

  • No more BPPV disorder
  • Less trauma during surgery
  • Faster recovery
  • No bone loss
  • Poor bone quality is improved

Advantages for the surgeon

  • Better visibility and control
  • Simplified bone augmentation procedures
  • Precision positioning and alignment of osteotomes
  • Higher initial implant stability
  • Limitation of bone milling
  • More implant sites
  • No need to perform sinus lifts with Caldwell-Luc
  • Alveolar integrity preservation
  • Better access to the posterior maxilla
  • Simplified lower jaw surgery
  • Faster techniques
  • Assisted implant insertion