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Living Inspired and Financially Empowered: Aligning Our Spiritual and Material Lives

This unique book will help you understand and improve your relationship with money and the decisions you make with it by using the wisdom from several spiritual and religious teachings as inspiration.

You will be empowered to attain holistic financial wellness.
Ways to buy:
• Directly from Amy Jo (716) 430-1634
Dog Ears Bookstore (716) 823-2665
Talking Leaves Bookstore (Main Street and Elmwood Avenue)
Thin Ice on Elmwood Avenue.

Living Inspired and Financially Empowered is also available Online through Barnes & Noble.


Peace & Abundance: A Workbook – Biblically-Based Inspiration for Better Money Management

This workbook, designed to help you develop your faith as well as a faith-filled style of money management, accompanies you throughout a year with scriptural references and challenges to strengthen and guide you.
Currently this is available through me directly, Dog Ears Bookstore &  Bender’s Christian Store.